Redeployment Process

The collective agreement has language regarding layoffs, the amount of notice that must be given and how a redeployment committee is established.

Some facts that you should be aware of:

  1. The employer must give the union and the affected employee(s) 5 months written notice, of any proposed layoff or the elimination of any position.
  2. If the employee is offered a reassignment it must be at the same rate of pay and the same number of hours of work. It should be at the same location, and on the same or substantially similar shift or shift rotation.
  3. Within 2 weeks after the notice is given a Redeployment committee will be established which consists of equal numbers of representatives of the Health Centre and the Union.
  4. The Redeployment Committee mandate includes: propose possible alternatives to the layoff; identify vacant positions in the bargaining unit, in another CUPE bargaining unit or those that are not covered by a collective agreement; identify retraining needs of the affected workers;

For detailed information see article 9.08 in your collective agreement.